I like seven minutes

Hello, this is Murakami from Rise.

Do you know about Helmet Time Sleep?

It's a new movie.

For more information, please visit Chocopla's You Tube channel.

I think it's best to watch it while trying not to laugh as much as possible.

Continuing from yesterday, we would like to introduce new apparel.

3/4 raglan sleeve XX T-shirt

A 3/4 sleeve raglan T-shirt with the same print as the Double X T-shirt. In fact, it's perfect as an inner layer when riding a bike. 7 minutes doesn't interfere with the gloves on the sleeves, and the round tail doesn't have to expose your waist.

If you open the front with a print on the front, the print design will also become an accent. The switching colors will also be useful as a layered item.

raglan sleeves

Raglan sleeves make it easy to move your shoulders. Even when holding the handle, you can stretch your arms forward without stress.

5.6 oz

It's a little thicker than the thin T-shirts that are best suited for summer. Even if the sleeves fall over your elbows, you won't feel any difficulty in moving or the weight.

round tail

The hem is nicely rounded. Even in the riding position, you can't see your hips. It is also recommended as a layered inner layer.

3/4 sleeve

There are seasons when 3/4 sleeves are just right, neither long sleeves nor short sleeves. The trendy oversized look tends to look too loose, but the universal design of three-quarter sleeves is always good.

binder neck

This is a binder neck that has increased strength by sewing a band-shaped rib that wraps around the body. It will lose some of its elasticity, but the texture will improve with repeated washing. It is perfect for those who want to wear it with many different combinations and want a tough look.



Black White


Product number: RD7006

Size: M L XL

Color: white/black, white/navy, gray/black, black/white

Price: 5,280 yen (4,800 yen excluding tax)

Height 71 74 77
Width 52 55 58
Digit length 65 67 70

size image

They are already lined up at directly managed stores. Please visit us by all means.

Well then, See you tomorrow par