double x t-shirt

Hello, this is Murakami from Rise.

I received this from my boss the other day.

thank you!
yeah? what's this.
It says Made in Mexico.
The contents are chili pepper, sea salt, and citric acid? , dehydrated lime juice? , silicon dioxide?
I can not understand at all.
What do you use this for?
It looks like it will be a year-long battle.
An image of the XX T-shirt has been uploaded.

This 6.2oz T-shirt has just the right amount of strength and is designed with the image of a T-shirt that can be used as daily wear without going bad, and can also be worn on the bike scene.

XX design

The front design is inspired by the XX (double The color settings are the same as the helmet, black, white, and gray (slate), making it a color that matches the helmet.

double stitch

T-shirts have a certain quality that you notice when you wear them, and when you come across a good one, you want to buy it again. The most important part is the neck rib. This is where the difference tends to appear. Double stitching makes the neck area stronger.


The reason why clothes become fluffy after repeated washing is due to the threads. This T-shirt uses something called ``combed yarn'', which is different from what is commonly used. This reduces fuzz and creates a T-shirt that is smooth and comfortable to the touch.
Preshrunk processing
The fabric is pre-shrunk by washing with water and tumble drying before sewing. The shrinkage rate of the product after washing is stable at an average of 3%. We minimize changes in the silhouette due to repeated washing.
Size chart unit: cm
Height 68 72 75
Width 52 55 60
shoulder width 46 50 55
Sleeve Length twenty two twenty two twenty three
Product number: RD7010
Size: M L XL
Price: 4,620 yen (4,200 yen excluding tax)




It will be uploaded to our website soon!

I will let you know again at that time.

Well then, See you tomorrow par