Sneezing that I want to try all the time

Hello, this is Murakami from Rise.

My lower back hurts when I sneeze, and I'm afraid of sneezing.

I can't do it to my fullest.

Is this what we call aging?

I want to sneeze as gracefully as I used to.

Today's dish.

open collar shirt

Short-sleeved shirts are one of the summer staples. The open collar and silky touch create a mature atmosphere for your bike riding holidays. It has a clean finish with no pockets.

silky touch

The material is silky and comfortable to the touch. The material is unique to polyester and has a moderate sheen, giving it a luxurious feel.

easy care

It has better washing resistance than rayon material. It won't wrinkle easily after washing, and you can throw it in the washing machine without hesitation even after sweating. Also, even if there are wrinkles, they can be easily removed with a simple ironing.


The size falls just right on the shoulders, creating a modern silhouette without being too big.

stone blue

sand khaki


Size ML XL

Price 8,800 yen excluding tax

size chart

Length 70 73 76
Width 55 58 61
shoulder width 48 50 52
Sleeve Length 26 27 28

I wear this every day.

I quite like it.

I hope you all do too.

Well then, See you tomorrow par