Hello, this is Murakami from Rise.

I'm following my child's book reviews, and it brings back some unpleasant memories.

I usually just write the synopsis and don't have any particular impressions.

The challenges are always the same.

If you tell a child to enlarge this section or write about three themes and say that it will take three sheets of manuscript paper, it will not work.

In the end, I just told her to think for herself and that I would only get help three times, and she cried and started watching Laputa.

After all, it's important to do your summer vacation homework after you've been forced to do it.

So somehow I muster up what's inside me and write it.

It doesn't matter what the content is, I think it's important to do it to the best of your ability.

I'm going to wait patiently and watch as I get caught up in time.

I have a feeling that Mom will offer a helping hand before that happens though.

We will be opening our store for the first time at BMW MOTORRAD DAYS JAPAN 2022 LIGHT, which will be held on September 3rd and 4th!

“BMW MOTORRAD DAYS JAPAN 2022 LIGHT”, which will be held for the first time in three years, will deliver a fulfilling event program that everyone from riders to families can enjoy with a smile.

≪Main contents≫

・Motorrad Rider Parade ・Hill Climb Contest ・Apparel Outlet Sale ・Latest model lineup, parts, and genuine apparel collection display (regular models/custom cars/riding gear)
・BMW Owners Meeting ・Resurrection! Roast pig & German food ・Kids bike sprint race & treasure hunt game ・Rock, paper, scissors tournament (lottery)
・On-road test drive event ・User participation team competition game, etc.

*Details of event content (holding time, participation method, etc.) will be announced later.

hill climb contest

9/3 (Sat), 9/4 (Sun) *Held once each on Saturday and Sunday

The hill climb contest is extremely popular, with many people falling every year.

There will be two events this year, once on Saturday and Sunday, so this is your chance to participate in the hill climb you've always wanted.

Ride up the slopes on your proud bike!

Motorrad Rider Parade in Hakuba Village

9/3 (Sat), 9/4 (Sun) *Held once each on Saturday and Sunday

As part of our traffic safety awareness campaign, a parade run by BMW rider volunteers will be held again this year.

With the beautiful location of Hakuba in the background, the parade will take you on a straight road, which is now a feature of this event, through Hakuba Village and back to the Hakuba Village Office.

revival! Roasted Hakuba pig

9/3 (Sat), 9/4 (Sun) *Offered on both Saturday and Sunday

Hakuba's specialty "roasted pig", which was popular at BMW Motorrad Days Japan in the past, will be back!

BMW Motorrad Vehicle Exhibition

9/3 (Sat): 10:00-17:00, 9/4 (Sun): 9:00-13:00

A special exhibition that brings together the BMW Motorrad lineup.

Find the one that's right for you.

On-road test drive (outside the venue)

9/3 (Sat), 9/4 (Sun) *Held on both Saturday and Sunday

A test drive event on a course approximately 10 minutes from the venue.

You can test drive the popular heritage models as well as models that can be ridden with a regular motorcycle license, such as the CE 04.

Reception will be held in a tent in the test drive area at the venue. If you have the model you want, please come early.

M 1000 RR engine disassembly show

9/3 (Sat): Afternoon

BMW mechanics disassemble the engine of the "M 1000 RR". You can see the heart of a popular model up close.

Sponsor & Dealer Booth

9/3 (Sat): 10:00-17:00, 9/4 (Sun): 9:00-13:00

More than 30 sponsoring companies will gather again this year to hold various exhibitions and sales.

Media also set up booths. We will cover events and promote our company.

BMW Motorrad genuine gear & garment display and sale

9/3 (Sat): 10:00-17:00, 9/4 (Sun): 9:00-13:00

Genuine BMW Motorrad wear sold at special prices.

Don't miss out on these great deals with limited quantities. You can purchase by credit card or cash on the day.

We will set up a tent at our booth to display and sell our products.

I think there are many customers who usually go to BMW Motorrad, so there are probably many who don't know about us!

I would like to make some plans so that you can remember it well and go home.

Apart from opening a store, Rise members are also planning to go on a tour.

This is one of the most exciting events of the year.

After all, this is our first store.

I will update the information as it gets closer.

Well then, See you tomorrow par