Get the Double X Helmet

Hello, this is Murakami from Rise.
After I lost the taste, the first thing I wanted to do was eat Mac, but I still haven't had it.
Salty potatoes make your throat dry,
I want to drink a glass of cola with ice.
I would like to make this happen during the holidays.
The XX helmet arrived today at the last minute before the holidays.
Inventory is not updated on the web page.
Stock status varies depending on the store, so if you are looking for one, first go to your local motorcycle supplies store.
Matte black and gray XX helmets are now in stock for the first time in a while.
We are very sorry that this product has been out of stock for a long time.
Our directly managed store, World Porters, also temporarily has it in stock.
It will be in stores this weekend.
By the way, the X helmet is scheduled to arrive next month.
I hope that the stock shortage will gradually improve.
As expected, helmets are in short supply in the market. Same goes for us.
XX is now in stock, get it while it's still available.
We will be closed from tomorrow until the 14th (Sunday).
Our directly managed stores are open.
We will respond to your inquiries via LINE or email and after the holidays.
We will also be responding to orders placed online after the 14th.
Thank you for your support.
Well then, See you tomorrow par