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ZOVII Alarm Grip Lock has a strong nylon body. It’s an ideal bike lock which is lightweight and easy to carry. 10mm carbide-reinforced steel locking pin is adopted. The lock is equipped with an alarm ON/OFF switch and 120dB anti-theft security alarm is built in. You don’t have to care for a light rain as it’s water-proof (IP67). The lock runs on a long-life CR2 lithium battery. ■Weight: 295g ■Alarm sound pressure level: 120dB ■Colors: Camouflage Grey, Camouflage Blue, Camouflage Yellow, Black, White, Red 1. Please remove the rubber cap at the center of the body and set the CR2 lithium battery which is included. 2. Please decide the lever holder position in advance. You can select one from 4 positions. 3. Pull the lever and set the lock. Just push the keyhole in and your bike is locked. - The beep you hear when the keyhole is pushed into indicates below. Single Beep : Alarm switch is turned ON. Double Beeps: Alarm switch is turned OFF. - This lock isn’t compatible with Harley-Davidson motorbikes. - Please check the handle size of your motorbike in advance and follow the compatible size below. It fits most of the motorcycles made in Japan and Europe. Compatible Size Motorbikes with hydraulic brakes ■Handle: Within 33mm in diameter ■Lever dimension: Height 17mm x Width 8mm-12mm It can not be attached to a motorbike with a handle guard. -- Watch the video – - The design may vary slightly depending on the lot. Thank you for your understanding. JAN CODE CAMOGREEN:4527625108561 CAMOGRAY:4527625108578 CAMOBLUE:4527625108585 BLACK:4527625108592 SILVER:4527625108608 RED:4527625110779