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SugarRidez SPADE BEIGE Women's Leather Jacket WSLJ-2000

$297.00 USD

Single Riders

A popular model is the single rider's jacket.

It is a type of riders' jacket with a standing collar. With its simple design, it can be worn stylishly. It is easy to match and coordinate with any pants. The front is zipped up, and flap-resistant buttons are placed at the neck, making it one of a kind. 


Stand collar and silhouette

We chose colors that are simple and not too flashy, giving a calm and mature impression.

The silhouette is the most important point, and we repeated prototyping in pursuit of a beautiful, feminine line that is not too tight. The result is a leather jacket that is easy to match with American, neo-classic, naked, and supersports bikes.



Lamb Leather

Lamb leather is sheepskin.

Compared to cowhide, it is characterized by its light weight. It is soft to the touch and easy to move around in. It also has excellent heat retention properties and can be worn in fall and winter.

Lamb leather is even softer than sheepskin.

Lamb leather is a very rare and precious material, and is used for luxury goods brands, and is used for Sugar Rise's leather jackets.


Model No.: WSLJ-2000

Color: BEIGE 


M: 4527625114265

L: 4527625114272


The equips for manish riders" is a brand of riders based on the concept of cool adult women. We develop fashionable leather jackets, gloves, helmets, etc. that can be used on a daily basis even outside of riding. We are also concerned with feminine silhouettes, so just by wearing them, you will look cute! Cool! We will continue to provide items that make you feel excited.

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