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NIKITOR HELMET NHR4-26 ORIGIN Processed in Japan

$123.00 USD

*If you want to see more photos, please switch the notation to Japanese.

Nikito helmets have a unique design philosophy, and with the exception of a few parts, are all manufactured in Japan, one by one, with careful attention to detail from component procurement, painting, assembly, and inspection.

The beauty of MATT colors is created by the hands of craftsmen

All the work is done in Japan by skilled Japanese craftsmen who sublimate the painting technology on one industrial product called "helmet" while maintaining the quality. Painting techniques that have been excluded from mass-produced products due to cost or time constraints are also reviewed from the beginning and produced by taking advantage of domestic work. We pursue the difference in "texture" that mass-produced overseas products can never produce.

You will be fascinated by the presence of the helmet when you actually see it.


SG standard/Useable for all engine displacements

Size:Free (under 57-60cm)


MATT BLACK:4527625115736

matt silver: 4527625115743

matt brown: 4527625115750