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RIDEZ Protection Eyewear GROWTH RS908

$37.00 USD

RIDEZ PROTECTION EYEWEAR Polarized Sunglass Series This is the series of polarized sunglasses which minimize the glare that occurs from a diffuse reflection. 1) Construction A polarized film which is like a blind curtain is sandwiched by two lenses. 2) Features and Effects The polarized lens allows the light from a certain direction to pass through but it cuts a glare such as a light reflected off the water or a reflection on a windshield. This model features a gentle curve and matches with Asian face shape. The nose pad is adjustable. ■99% UV protection lens Full Width 150mm, Full Height 43mm, Full Length 160mm, Temple 135mm, Lens Width 60mm, Lens Height 36mm ■VLT=Visible Light Transmittance     Model No:RS908   JAN CODE MATT BLACK/SMOKE VLT15%:4527625106383 BLACK/SILVER MIRROR VLT15%(Sold out):4527625106390 MATT BLACK/BLUE VLT45%:4527625106406 BLACK/PINK VLT15%:4527625110199