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Photochromic Sunglasses! Clear lens transforms to smoky color! PHOTOCHROMIC LENS has newly joined the series of RIDEZ PROTECTION EYEWEAR. There have been many requests of the products from the motorcyclists as we have had very few of them in the motorcycle market. To meet these demands, we have produced a new model. It equipped with a foam pad around the frame that keeps wind and debris out of your eyes. The lens color starts with clear in low light and transforms to smoky gray, brown in bright light. It’s great for motorcycle riders. ■Not only brightness but also the amount of UV affects the lens color. The temple end is flexible and reduces stress to your head. This casual frame is popular for daily use. ■99% UV protection lens Full Width 140mm, Full Height 44mm, Full Length 158mm, Temple 124mm, Lens Width 62mm, Lens Height 39mm ■VLT=Visible Light Transmittance   Model No:RS7125 JAN CODE MATT BLACK/ BROWN:4527625101067 BLACK/ SMOKE:4527625101050