RIDEZ OCTANE GLOVE BLACK Motorcycle Short Gloves
RIDEZ OCTANE GLOVE BLACK Motorcycle Short Gloves
RIDEZ OCTANE GLOVE BLACK Motorcycle Short Gloves


RIDEZ OCTANE GLOVE BLACK Motorcycle Short Gloves

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-RIDEZ Octane-
Introducing authentic sporty rider's gloves for everything from super sports to naked and tourers.

For bikers, gloves are an essential item and a companion. Safety has been improved by placing protection in the details so that you can use it for many years with peace of mind . You can use it with confidence even during hard riding and long touring.
The fist protection is equipped with a ventilation function to prevent stuffiness. This is especially effective during the hot summer months, allowing you to concentrate on driving without stress.

In order to improve operability, the grip part has non-slip pads studded with the Rise trademark, allowing for delicate accelerator operations.

The key points of the material are flexibility and durability.
It has the flexibility necessary for delicate clutch operation and braking, and the durability to withstand wear and tear while constantly operating during riding. We chose cowhide as a material that combines both. We have carefully selected and used leather with a calm and glossy texture.

■Color: Black
■Size: M, L, XL

■ALL Season

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