RIDEZ JET CAP Original Cap RC09
RIDEZ JET CAP Original Cap RC09
RIDEZ JET CAP Original Cap RC09
RIDEZ JET CAP Original Cap RC09
RIDEZ JET CAP Original Cap RC09


RIDEZ JET CAP Original Cap RC09

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RIDEZ is always trying to innovate and take on new challenges. We have developed a jet cap as a new bike style.
A new type of " hat worn inside a TQ helmet". This is a true inner cap.
In order to make it comfortable to wear inside a helmet, we have used a special process to eliminate seams inside the hat, minimizing the parts that interfere with the helmet.
The brim of the hat acts as a sun visor, and there is also a reflector at the tip of the brim. The brim, designed to fit the width of the TQ, is stylish and eye-catching. This is a new style of hat that prevents the inside of the helmet from getting dirty.

The inside part of the hat is specially processed to have a seamless structure. This allows you to comfortably concentrate on driving even if you wear it for a long time.

Stretch In order to eliminate adjusters that interfere with the helmet, we carefully selected stretchable materials. This improves the fit and allows you to wear it without feeling uncomfortable. Also, by eliminating the top button, the interference with the helmet has been reduced.

STYLE: UNISEX Men's/Women's

*Designed and designed to fit TQ helmets.

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