RIDEZ HECTOR GLOVES Motorcycle Leather Gloves BLACK RWG09
RIDEZ HECTOR GLOVES Motorcycle Leather Gloves BLACK RWG09
RIDEZ HECTOR GLOVES Motorcycle Leather Gloves BLACK RWG09


RIDEZ HECTOR GLOVES Motorcycle Leather Gloves BLACK RWG09

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Autumn/winter model RIDEZ HECTOR GLOVES


Autumn/winter model gloves. RIDEZ offers two types of fall/winter models. Fleece material is used on the inside, and the long length is used as a windproof measure, so there is no gap between the jacket and the outer layer, allowing you to enjoy touring in comfort. A portion of the glove has been shirred to create a natural and easy-to-grip shape. Despite being an autumn/winter glove, it is not too big and is stylish.

Fleece material is used with the concept of the fall and winter seasons.
The best feature is heat retention. Fleece material has a layer of air between the fibers, which allows heat to escape from the body and blocks cold air from outside, achieving high heat retention. It also has excellent breathability and is characterized by not getting stuffy. It dries quickly, making it the perfect material for sweaty seasons. It has a soft texture and is lightweight, so you can use it on long rides without feeling stressed.

For bikers, gloves are an essential item and a companion. We have placed a proctor so that you can use it for many years with peace of mind. By putting the protector inside, we have created a stylish glove that is less noticeable and does not look like a rider's glove.

Operability - Grip - The most important thing when making gloves is the comfort of the grip. Ever since we started making racing gloves, we have always focused on making gloves that are easy to grip and ``easy to drive.'' RR gloves are also easy to grip and less tiring.

Touch panel compatible
The "thumb" and "index finger" used to operate the smartphone are touch panel compatible.
It can be operated even with gloves on, making it especially useful during the cold fall and winter months. Recently, smartphone payments have become standard at gas stations, convenience stores, etc., and are popular because they can be used immediately without removing gloves.

Cowhide leather <br>The key points of glove material are flexibility and durability.
It has the flexibility necessary for delicate clutch operation and braking, and the durability to withstand wear and tear while constantly operating during riding. We chose cowhide as a material that combines both. We have carefully selected and used leather with a calm and glossy texture.

■Color: BLACK
■Size: M, L, XL


Model No.:RWG09

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