RIDEZ Bike Gear MOTO VEST Vest Bag MV01
RIDEZ Bike Gear MOTO VEST Vest Bag MV01
RIDEZ Bike Gear MOTO VEST Vest Bag MV01
RIDEZ Bike Gear MOTO VEST Vest Bag MV01


RIDEZ Bike Gear MOTO VEST Vest Bag MV01

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RIDEZ's new style MOTOVEST body bag
Introducing the moto vest from RIDEZ.
Riders NewStyle vest type bag.
Luggage is a problem for motorcyclists. Pockets are difficult to use in the riding position, and driving while carrying a bag gets in the way of riding, so baggage problems have always been a problem. At RIDEZ, we have focused on this point and have released a new bag shape, the best bag this time.

VEST - A new feeling of wearing a new bag.
Wearing a bag solved the biker's problem.
First, there are four pockets on the front, two with zippers, and one large-capacity zippered pocket on the rear pocket.

Empty-handed storage capacity comparable to a backpack.
The zipped front pocket is particularly convenient and provides quick access to valuables.
By putting your frequently used smartphone in it, you can take it out quickly.
It's especially convenient and stress-free for smartphone payments. This is useful when you want to quickly take out your smartphone, such as at a gas station or convenience store. It is also possible to store a 500m plastic bottle in the rear pocket. You can store bulky luggage.

Design : A simple design that can be used everyday. There is a Rise logo on the front, which is an accent. Available in two colors: black and olive.
It goes great not only with leather jackets, but also with parkas. If you don't want to carry a bag, this is a product you should definitely get your hands on.

For leisure outdoors
MOTOVEST is also useful for leisure, as it allows you to carry a large amount of luggage without having to bring your own.
When camping, you no longer have to worry about losing your valuables. This is a new style BAG that is sure to be useful for various other leisure activities such as fishing, mountain climbing, and cycling.


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