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Raleri Antifog Insert Clear

¥3,960 JPY

ANTI-FOG INSERT for a shield has gone on sale! Raleri was born in Bologna and is doing an optical research and development for sport players and motorcyclists. Raleri produces a floating pair of sunglasses for surfers, a sport goggle for Rugby players, the inovative photochromic inserts and so on. PCShade is available in three versions: Standard, Small and Intake(Arai etc.). Please refer to the following fitting sheet to get the compatible insert. For purchase PHOTOCHROMIC & ANTI-FOG INSERT, please click here. The photochromic feature works also after UV filtering visors. It attaches to the visor in a safe but not damaging way thanks to its transparent Raleri gasket. ■The sheet is 0.5mm thick, the gasket is another 0.5mm, for a total of 1mm at the edge. Espesially the upper part of the shield likely to interfere with the front of the helmet. Please make sure there is an appropriate space between them. JAN CODE Standard:4527625109872 Intake(Arai etc.):4527625109865 Small:4527625109858