PIPES FLEECE NECK WARMER Fleece neck warmer FNW-02
PIPES FLEECE NECK WARMER Fleece neck warmer FNW-02
PIPES FLEECE NECK WARMER Fleece neck warmer FNW-02


PIPES FLEECE NECK WARMER Fleece neck warmer FNW-02

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Pipes is an original brand of RIDEZ.
We sell neck warmers ranging from simple designs to unique designs so that you can choose the one that best suits your bike.
We have released the FNW series, which has better heat retention than conventional products.

Fleece 200g/m2
Fleece material is used with the concept of the fall and winter seasons.
The best feature is heat retention.
Fleece material has a layer of air between the fibers, which allows heat to escape from the body and blocks cold air from outside, achieving high heat retention.
It also has excellent breathability and is characterized by not getting stuffy. It dries quickly, making it the perfect material for sweaty seasons, early spring, and early fall.
It has a soft texture and is lightweight, so you can use it on long rides without feeling stressed. It has excellent cold protection, so it is perfect for touring in the mountains in the summer when the temperature drops.

Like traditional pipes, the surface is made of highly elastic material. Therefore, it has a good fit and is comfortable to wear.

In addition to biking and riding, there are other ways to use face covers, face masks, scarves, bandanas, caps, etc. depending on the outdoor situation. It can be used for a variety of purposes such as touring, mountain climbing, insect repellent, and sun protection.

PIPES comes in a wide variety of colors, and you're sure to find the perfect neck warmer for you, from supersport bikes to neoclassic bikes like naked, off-road, adventure, and Rebel bikes, as well as American bikes like Harley.

■Model No.: FNW-02
■Size: FREE, free size
■Style : UNISEX, men's, women's, unisex, unisex specifications
■SIZE : 26.5cm x 22.0cm

FNW-02: 4527625117075
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