MUC-OFF Bottle For Life Bundle Powder & Bottle Set
MUC-OFF Bottle For Life Bundle Powder & Bottle Set
MUC-OFF Bottle For Life Bundle Powder & Bottle Set
MUC-OFF Bottle For Life Bundle Powder & Bottle Set


MUC-OFF Bottle For Life Bundle Powder & Bottle Set

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Title:Bottle For Life Bundle

Punk Powder Bike Cleaner

A new type of mac-off that can be dissolved in water and used immediately!
There's no need to carry heavy bottles even when you're on the go.
If you have this, just put it in water and dissolve it on site! It will become your bike cleaner in no time.
When traveling by motorcycle, use Muck Off to clean your motorcycle anytime, anywhere.

<Set contents>

1. 4 bottles of punk powder
2. 1 aluminum bottle
3. Silicone base to protect the bottom of the bottle

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Considering the environment, I decided to use powder.
We are always looking for new ways to reduce our plastic and water usage and reduce our CO2 emissions. So we set out on the monumental task of developing the ultimate powder cleaner. Over three years, we tested hundreds of different cleaners and selected the best. Made using the latest technology and the best biodegradable ingredients (75% plant-based!), this modern product is not only incredibly safe for the environment, but can be used on all bikes and finishes .

Quickly dissolves in water and can be used immediately!
At Muc-Off, we don't do things by halves. Punk Powder delivers the cleaning power you expect, but with biodegradable ingredients and a truly guilt-free glow in 92% less packaging than two standard 1L bottles! Because it dissolves quickly! , can be used within seconds after filling with water, and can even utilize collected rainwater.

Reduce plastic by reusing old Muc-Off bottles
Recycle your old Muc-Off bottles or pick up some new aluminum Bottles for Life and start cleaning.

The packaging is also 100% plastic-free/ vegetable-based ink
Not only is this powder stain resistant, but the packaging is also 100% plastic-free, and each bag is compostable (EN 13432 certified) and made from renewable raw materials. Additionally, we also use vegetable-based ink.