RIDEZ TQ BIG STAR2 3 size jet helmet TQ01
RIDEZ TQ BIG STAR2 3 size jet helmet TQ01
RIDEZ TQ BIG STAR2 3 size jet helmet TQ01
RIDEZ TQ BIG STAR2 3 size jet helmet TQ01
RIDEZ TQ BIG STAR2 3 size jet helmet TQ01
RIDEZ TQ BIG STAR2 3 size jet helmet TQ01


RIDEZ TQ BIG STAR2 3 size jet helmet TQ01

Sale price¥19,800

TQ is an abbreviation for "Three Quarter".
It represents the jet helmet itself. We have produced many helmets.
However, we looked at jet helmets again and tried to understand what customers imagine.
We have continued to develop our products to create a cool shape and comfortable fit.

It took two years of trial and error to develop it.
Please take a look at the TQ helmet, which is the culmination of RIDEZ's JET helmets.

Thoughts on jet helmets.
It is no exaggeration to say that the origin of RIDEZ is "jet helmet".
At first, there was a time when we were making jet helmet parts by hand.
For RIDEZ, helmets are products that we have a strong attachment to.

Our company has consistently produced helmets that meet national safety standards.
As standards change, the materials and form of helmets may have to change, or they may change with the times.
We have made various improvements in response to customer needs.

Still, we believe that customers who choose a jet helmet are always looking for something that looks cool.
Everyone imagines themselves riding a motorcycle, and in that scenario, not only the motorcycle but also the helmet is an important part.

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"New jet helmet shape"
This helmet once again embodies the coolness of a jet helmet.
We would like you to use TQ, which combines safety and beautiful form, with your precious motorcycle.

Beautiful form that makes you look twice
The important thing is the form that looks small. This was the most difficult point.
This is because it has to do with safety standards.
It must be made to look small while ensuring safety that passes domestic standards.
The balance between the outer shell and the EPS inside was very important.
After remaking each product many times and testing it repeatedly, we were able to create a balanced shell and EPS that are unique.
We also checked the shape of the outer shell in all directions, including the front, back, and sides, aiming for a beautiful shape.

Advantages of different cap bodies
1. Light
By having different cap bodies for M, L, and XL, we were able to design it smaller than before.
We succeeded in reducing the weight while maintaining safety. Long distance such as long touring
The weight of a helmet is an important consideration when driving.
The larger the helmet, the more burden it will be when wearing it, and the less stylish it will look.
there is. This has to do with balance with the body. While maintaining safety, the cap body
To make it smaller, we had to go back to the drawing board and design it from scratch to suit the Japanese people.
I had to design it.
TQ was finally completed after about two years of trial and error from the start of the project.
The cap body is small, with beautiful curves, and a silhouette that captivates the viewer, just like the JET helmet.
Here is the culmination of.

What is important is the interior. There are many vintage jet helmets on the market, and their rarity value is often prioritized.
However, a helmet is an important piece of gear that protects your head, and as well as being cool, comfort is also an important factor.
As for the interior, simply increasing the cushioning will end up making it look bigger.
We designed it in Japan and visited several domestic factories to find the ideal shape. As a result, we were able to create high-quality interiors even at overseas factories, and we were able to create something unique.

Size: M (less than 57-58cm), L (less than 59-60cm) , XL (less than 61-62cm)

CHIN-STRAP : Chin strap-D ring
INTERIOR: Newly developed inner pad (removable)
SAFETY STANDARD: SG standard/All displacements available


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BIG STAR2(M) :4527625114494
BIG STAR2(L):4527625114500
BIG STAR2 (XL): 4527625114517

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