The first series that started Retro One.
Brown x white stitched trim is used.
This has the advantage of making the helmet look even better when matched with, for example, a custom bike that uses brown color for the grips and seat, or even an old car.
The color combination also goes well with chic styling, and goes well with slightly formal Chelsea boots and wingtip boots.
This second series uses black x black stitch trim.
The overall impression is tighter, and it has a completely different aura from the 1st series. The black stitching has a handmade feel and goes well with riders and leather jackets.
The classic racer lines of the graphic model also suit old cars with a forward-leaning style.

By changing the trim, you can create different ways of matching and different atmospheres.
However, what Retro One has in common is that the new and the good old coexist.
This is a one-of-a-kind helmet that can be matched with a wide range of bikes, from the latest bikes to old cars.
Graphic Editions
Rise's original helmet brand "NIKITO" Nikito has been manufacturing products based on the concept of retro and classical design.
The most popular among them is Retro One. It is popular among women and is still one of Nikito's representative products.
Added new graphic design.
Keeping the concept of classic retro, the subdued color scheme and not-too-flashy graphics are designed to be suitable for any type of bike.
The Kinari beige interior is also one of the Kodawari points.
The parts that are visible from the outside are black, and only the parts that touch the head are this color.
There are very few other full face helmets that match this color.
It's a taste that only Retro One can offer.
For women, it also has the advantage that the color transfer of foundation is less noticeable.
Beige also has the color image of ``relaxing'', ``calm'', and ``gentle''.
Please enjoy riding with such a calm mind.