The culmination of the "MOTO MAX2 " series.
MOTOMAX has been revised in every detail to become a sneaker that can be worn every day in a variety of situations.
Although these shoes are for motorcycles, they can also be used for everyday use.
All Season Motorcycle Shoes Color Lineup
Bike-specific shoes?
Do I need multiple pairs of shoes?
All you need is MOTOMAX2. 
For motorcycles and everyday use, this one is all you need.
It has special specifications that pursue the functions and safety necessary for motorcycle driving in a baptized design.
LESS, BUT MORE “Less is more”
By pursuing simplicity to its utmost limits, we are able to create truly beautiful and rich designs.
These words were important to me when designing MOTOMAX2.
The development team's first task was to remove all excess design.
Print colors have been abolished and the colors have been unified to single colors.
By being particular about the materials, improving the texture, and engraving the logo, it does not interfere with the design.
The ultimate simple bike shoe was born.
Why? Hybrid?
why? Did you choose two materials?
MOTOMAX2 is made of a hybrid of synthetic leather and genuine leather .
Genuine leather has many benefits, but it is actually sensitive to water and cannot be worn on rainy days.
Another disadvantage is that it requires regular maintenance.
When creating this product, I thought about something that could be easily used on a daily basis, even outside of riding.
Constructed from a hybrid that combines two materials.
This resulted in a highly durable motorcycle sneaker that does not require maintenance.
Synthetic leather-Synthetic leather
Synthetic leather combines the texture and practicality of leather.
It is water resistant and can be used without any problems even in sudden rain. It has excellent water resistance, so you don't have to worry about getting wet in the rain.
You can have a comfortable ride. It is also stain resistant, making it difficult to get dirty and maintains a clean condition.
Since it is maintenance free, it is an item that is easy to use on a daily basis.
Shoelaces [ stain-proofing]
Another thing that is often overlooked is shoelaces.
Although the entire shoe is often treated to be stain-resistant, it is actually the shoelaces that get dirty the most.
For MOTOMAX2, we paid particular attention to the shoelaces.
By applying a special fluorine-based treatment, we have succeeded in making it highly water repellent, stain resistant, and reducing damage to shoelaces.
- JAPAN brand -
YKK waterproof zipper
YKK is a leading Japanese brand with a 40% global share of zippers.
This time MOTOMAX2 uses YKK waterproof zippers.
In fact, the zipper is the part that wears out as hard as the sole.
The zipper, which goes up and down every time you put it on, is under a lot of stress, and it also takes a lot of stress during harsh riding situations such as sudden rain or wind while riding.
Since regular chucks may be damaged, MOTOMAX2 is particular about using YKK-made chucks.
side zip
Originally, with lace (shoelace) type shoes, you have to loosen the shoelaces to put them on and take them off.
If your shoelaces are loose, you won't be able to perform delicate pedal operations, which may affect your ride.
MOTOMAX2 is intended for daily use, so we have installed a zipper on the side to make it easier to put on and take off.
This greatly reduces the hassle of tying shoelaces while maintaining the same fit.

visibility - original sole

Original Shoe sole's commitment. Actually, two functions are hidden.
step catch
The sole has a special structure that allows the sole to naturally catch your steps when you are in the riding position.
Therefore, you can maintain a comfortable riding posture.
It also has a step slip prevention function.
High visibility
In fact, motorcycles often get into accidents while stopped.
However, why are motorcycles more likely to be rear-ended when stopped?
The biggest reason is that ``motorcycles are difficult for car drivers to recognize.''
MOTOMAX2 focuses on visibility, and the sole is a fluorescent orange color.
By making the color easy to catch the eye,
This will help reduce accidents.
At first glance, it looks like a normal high-cut, but in fact, there is a marking around the ankle.
It has a built-in special protector.
Driving schools also recommend that you wear shoes that cover your ankles during class.
Even if you are standing on the ground , it is easy to get pinched by the bike and get injured.
Although they look almost the same as regular shoes, they are designed specifically for motorcycle use.
This is a product that has been carefully considered in terms of safety.
protection midsole
The brown sole has a special shape unlike regular soles.
It has a two-layer structure, with a special alloy inside to maintain its shape.
It maintains the shape of the shoe even in tough situations and protects your feet when you need it.
MOTOMAX2-Color & Size Lineup
SIZE: 25cm , 25.5cm , 26cm , 26.5cm, 27cm, 27.5cm, 28cm
WHITE (25cm) :
WHITE (25.5cm) :
WHITE (26cm) :
WHITE (26.5 cm) :
WHITE (27cm) :
WHITE (27.5cm) :
WHITE (28cm) :