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RIDEZ Protection Eyewear DISCOVER RS503

$37.00 USD

The Prescription Sunglasses! These sunglasses come with an inner frame. We will check your eyewear to verify your eye prescription. We then craft new lenses and fit them into these sunglasses. Most people who have poor eyesight might not have been able to find sunglasses that suit them. We’re finally able to offer you lenses tailored only for you! “DISCOVER” has a half-rim frame which is super lightweight. It’s great for motorcycling, cycling, running and so on. Lenses are 99% UV protection (UV400). This product has CE mark which guarantees conformity with the legal restriction of EU, EFTA and so on. It means that this product meets safety standards. How to Order Online 1) Purchase a prescription sunglasses frame and lenses together at the same time. 2) Send your eyewear to our company. Please prepay the shipment fee in advance. Your order completes when we receive your eyewear. It will be sent back within 2 or 3 days after we’ve verified your eye prescription. 3) The finished sunglasses will be sent out in 1 or 2 weeks after we received your eyewear. Lenses are fit into the sunglasses you have ordered. Important Notice ■PLEASE NOTE that these sunglasses don’t have lenses. Remember to order prescription lenses together. -----[Prescription Lenses Here] ■No overseas shipping is available. ■If your eye prescription exceeds the following values, an extra charge will be required. We may have to decline your order depending on your eye prescription. We will contact you in both cases after verifying your eye prescription. -Near sighted eyes (-10.00) -Astigmatic eyes (-2.00) ■We don’t make far, intermediate, near-sighted lenses (progressive lenses). ■Lenses are crafted only for customers. We don’t accept any cancellations after receiving your order and returns of the completed product as well. ■The lenses are crafted based on the same specification as your eyewear but you might feel some difference in visibility than you have expected. The distance between your eyes and lenses, the curve of the lenses may affect the visibility a little. Thank you for your kind understanding. ■Comes with a soft case for sunglasses and goggles ■99% UV protection lenses Full Width 138mm, Full Length 161mm, Full Height 44mm, Temple 130mm, Lens Height 44mm, Lens Width 70mm ■VLT=Visible Light Transmittance   Model No:RS503   JAN CODE MATT BLACK FRAME/ SMOKE LENS:4527625106321 MATT BLACK FRAME/ SILVER MIRROR LENS:4527625106338 BLACK FRAME/ GREEN REVO LENS:4527625106345