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The LENS for Prescription Sunglasses

$62.00 USD

The LENS for Prescription Sunglasses! We will check your eyewear to verify the prescription of your glasses. We then craft new lenses and fit them into sunglasses. Most people who have poor eyesight might not have been able to find sunglasses that suit them. We’re finally able to offer you lenses tailored only for you! ■The frames are sold separately. Please choose one from prescription sunglasses and order it together with the lenses. Prescription Sunglasses : RS501, RS503 How to Order 1) Bring your eyewear to our event booth or send it to us. We will verify your prescription of your glasses. 2) We will craft new lenses based on your prescription and fit them into the sunglasses you have ordered. 3) It will take about 2 weeks to ship them after we received your eyewear. Important Notice ■The lenses are crafted based on the same specification as your eyewear but you might feel some difference in visibility than you have expected. The distance between your eyes and lenses, the curve of the lenses may affect the visibility a little. ■We don’t provide an eye exam. If you need to take it, please see an eye doctor or visit optician for it. ■Changes and returns of lenses are not accepted. ■Customers are responsible for covering the cost of shipping your eyewear. Thank you for your kind understanding. JAN CODE Prescription Lens:4527625108349