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DEF Shock Absorption Aluminum Smart Phone Holder DEF-BM8

¥5,489 JPY

DEF Supply presents a robust aluminum stand as a shock-absorbing model!

Smartphone holders are now an essential item for motorcycles, and from RIDEZ's brand DEF comes a smartphone holder with added anti-vibration functionality made of aluminum.



Shock-absorbing TPU

TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane. It is an excellent material used for athletes' soles and car parts. It is characterized by its elasticity, not too hard and flexible, and excellent shock-absorbing ability. TPU material is also used in our shock-absorbing series. In order to absorb shock more efficiently, the material is molded in a circular shape and has a bulge to absorb and decompose a wider range of vibrations and release them. If you have trouble seeing the screen due to weak vibration from the motorcycle engine, please try our vibration-resistant model.


Aluminum Mount

Motorcycles are sometimes exposed to harsh conditions such as rain or strong sunlight.

The BM8 uses aluminum as a sturdier, more robust, and corrosion-resistant smartphone holder than ever before. Aluminum is characterized by the formation of a very dense oxide film on its surface that naturally prevents corrosion. As a result, it is highly durable and corrosion-resistant. A strong phone holder has been completed. In addition, it is very compact in appearance. If you are looking for a sleek and small holder that does not interfere with the design of your bike, please consider this product.


Easy to install! Screw Fixing Type

BM8 uses a screw type. Simple and easy installation.

Even a rectangular smartphone can be easily installed.

When fixing, be sure to align the corners of the holder with the corners of the smartphone before fixing. A silicon band prevents the smartphone from falling.


360-degree rotation! Angle can be adjusted.

Adopting ball joints, the angle can be adjusted to any desired angle when riding. This is useful for changing the position of your smartphone during long distance rides such as touring.


Compatible Smartphone Size

Fits screens from 3.5 to 6.5 inches.

Compatible mounting bars

Compatible with various bars such as 22mm, 25.4mm (1 inch), 33mm, etc.




Smartphone holder (shock-absorbing model)

Mount with ball joint

Ball joint cap

Safety rubber band

Hexagonal wrench

Two types of spacers (for 22mm and 25.4mm)


Model No.: DEF-BM8


BLACK: 4527625116887

SILVER: 4527625116894


 Aluminum Smart Phone Folder