LLRR事務局よりお知らせ 2023-Autumn

Notice from LLRR Secretariat 2023-Autumn

This is a notice from the LLRR secretariat.

Finally, the Long Legs Riders Run has been decided to be held on November 18, 2023.
Last year, we received a lot of warm support from everyone, and we were able to finish it successfully.
The donations received from everyone for LLRR2022 are posted on the official website.
Please take a look at the details of our donation with the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation for Traffic Orphans.

What is LLRR (Long Legs Riders Run)?

This is a charity event organized by a group of well-intentioned riders.

My thoughts on LLRR.

I planned this event in the hope that I could do something to help the children who are currently in a difficult situation in Japan. I would be happy if more bikers, whether it be 5 or 10 bikers, agreed with the purpose of this event. I believe that with the help of well-intentioned bikers, we will be able to achieve our original goal in the coming years or decades. A richer future for our children! And let's all run together aiming for a better future for the LLRR participating riders!

Management structure: LLRR Secretariat

Official site
URL: https://llrr.yokohama/

*Dress code applies Leather jacket or tailored jacket