Notice from LLRR Secretariat

This is a notice from the LLRR secretariat.

The Long Legs Riders Run has been decided.
Details and special site URL are listed below.

This is a charity event organized by a group of well-intentioned riders to quickly resolve the current situation in Japan, which has one of the highest child poverty rates among developed countries.

A parade run will take place from Nippon Maru Memorial Park to famous spots in Yokohama.

My thoughts on LLRR.

I planned this event in the hope that I could do something to help the children who are currently in a difficult situation in Japan. I would be happy if more bikers, whether it be 5 or 10 bikers, agreed with the purpose of this event. I believe that with the help of well-intentioned bikers, we will be able to achieve our original goal in the coming years or decades. A richer future for our children! And let's all run together aiming for a better future for the LLRR participating riders!


Crowdfunding on CAMPFIRE. Goods have been announced.

Goods will be returned based on the donated amount.

*You cannot participate in the charity run just by purchasing goods. Please be sure to donate from the official website.

Management structure : LLRR Secretariat

Date and time: November 13th ( Sunday ) *Rain or shine (postponed only in case of stormy weather)

Venue: Nippon Maru Memorial Park

Application for participation (official website)
URL : https://llrr.yokohama/

CAMPFIRE Crowdfunding
URL : https://camp-fire.jp/projects/view/603594

*Dress code applies Leather jacket or tailored jacket
*Pre-registration is required. Please complete the participation procedure from the URL above.
*Walk-in RUN on the day is not possible.