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Hello, this is Murakami from Rise.
I'm working from home this week.
I was finally able to move since yesterday evening, and I thought that I was finally able to move.
It has no taste! !
For some reason, I can't taste it anymore from today.
Even if I eat fried rice, udon, or chocolate, there is no flavor at all.
My tongue has entered unrivaled mode.
If I were the person I am now, I would be fine with the punishment game of green juice and Russian roulette with mustard.
My CP attended the Z900RS meeting yesterday.
Umedia Shin-Yamashita, who was also at the venue, installed the Hard Works.
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triumph tiger 900
I have received inquiries from you before.
Triumph cannot be installed with the genuine carrier.
This vehicle originally had a GIVI plate, so I used that to install it.
For Triumph vehicles, our company will tell you that installation requires some ingenuity and cannot be installed as is.
However, that doesn't mean it can't be installed!
Please keep that in mind.
Our base plates are just general-purpose products.
If you use a manufacturer's genuine product, the capacity may be limited or the appearance may not be to your liking.
Even in such cases, our Hard Works is a product that can be installed with some ingenuity.
Triumph Tiger 900 cannot be attached originally, but it can be attached if you do something about the base part.
Please use these as a reference, and if you have any problems, please consult your local bike shop.
Well then, See you tomorrow par