Ryusei is in RIZIN.37! ! !

Hello, this is Murakami from Rise.
My son, who is on summer vacation, went to the pool with his friends from the first day of summer vacation.
I felt like I had returned to my pre-corona summer vacation just a little bit.
A few days after I came back, I tested positive for coronavirus.
The friend I went with had a fever and tested positive, so I thought it was suspicious.
My fever spiked yesterday and it was confirmed today.
So I ended up working from home this week.
We apologize for the inconvenience. Sorry. Sorry Shoborn
Well, support fighter Ryuusei's next match is this weekend!
The stage is getting bigger and bigger.
Sacred place Saitama Super Arena.
Martial arts are booming.
I'm running up to the next star.
It's also written here: ``Become the driving force behind RIZIN Kick.''
We have also updated our logo with these pants!
Ryuusei took RIDEZ to Saitama Super Arena, the stage of RIZIN. thank you.
It will not be broadcast on terrestrial TV, but will be broadcast on PPV.
Watching PPV #Ryusei Support #RIZIN37 by entering the "support code" when purchasing tickets online. Let's support the participating athletes!! Common support code "Ryusei" RIZIN STREAM PASS Exciting RIZIN RIZIN LIVE U-NEXT Advantageous advance tickets on sale now
It's this Sunday.
I'm looking forward to it.