Hard works for BMW too

Hello, this is Murakami from Rise.
It was raining so much.
Rain forecast tomorrow too.
Local in-store events
Rikoland Nagano
Bike World Utsunomiya
However, there is a high possibility of rain, so please be careful when coming.
I was wearing a gray shirt today, but it looks really noticeable when it gets wet.
Is it okay to visit? I'm worried about something like that.
This is also an advanced sales technique.
I went to BMW Motorrad Setagaya.
Hardworks installation confirmation and investigation.
For example, a rear carrier like this
Something like this
I've installed the G310GS before, so it's a good idea.
There were about 5 shapes.
The one that just pops on is the G310GS.
You can easily install it yourself without any special effort, as you can simply install it with 4 bolt holes.
On the other hand, other vehicles require some modification.
If you're used to working on your own, I think you'll have plenty of leeway.
However, if you want to install it properly, cleanly, and without any mistakes, you will need to ask your favorite bike shop or a place that does the processing.
For BMW, the size of the genuine box is about 35 liters.
Some people are looking for something bigger than that, and in that case, it seems like they'll consider an outside company like us.
The top case can hold up to 65 liters, so if you want something larger, try Hard Works!
Thank you, Motorrad Setagaya, for today!
Well then, See you tomorrow par