Great match with riders. Henley neck T.

Hello, this is Murakami from Rise.

Today is also an article introducing 2022SS apparel.

henley neck t-shirt

This T-shirt features a button at the neck. It's a nice accent when you open your leather jacket in the front. We also have a lineup that is easy to match as an inner color. Also, the length is such that the hem is slightly exposed when wearing the jacket. It's also perfect for layering. What to wear inside a leather jacket? When in doubt, this T-shirt is recommended.

What exactly is Henry?

"Henley neck" has buttons at the collar. ``Henry'' in ``Henry Neck'' is the name of a town located upstream of the River Thames in England. The traditional boat race ``Henley Regatta'' is held here every July, and the name ``Henley Neck'' is said to have come from the shirts worn by the athletes participating in the ``Henley Regatta''.

Round body specification

It has a seamless torso with no side seams. There are no seams, so there are no bumps, making it more comfortable to wear.

Three needles for shoulders, sleeves, hem, and neck

The sewing method is made up of three threads, increasing its strength. It also serves as a subtle design accent.

5.6 ounces

Just before heavyweight. It's a daily T-shirt that doesn't look cheap and is just the right thickness.

mixed gray




size chart

Height 68 72 75
Width 49 52 55
shoulder width 45 48 51
Sleeve Length 20 twenty one twenty two

Height 182cm L size Side silhouette

Model 182cm wearing size L

Product name: 5.6oz henley neck T-shirt

Product number: RD7008

Size: M L XL

Color: Mixed gray, navy, white, black

Price: 5,280 yen (4,800 yen excluding tax)

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