Xヘルメット バイク用フルフェイス ホワイト1
Xヘルメット バイク用フルフェイス ホワイト2
Xヘルメット バイク用フルフェイス ホワイト3
Xヘルメット バイク用フルフェイス ホワイト4
RIDEZ X HELMET WHITE motorcycle full face helmet
RIDEZ X HELMET WHITE motorcycle full face helmet


RIDEZ X HELMET WHITE motorcycle full face helmet

Sale price¥21,890

Introducing the sibling helmet of the popular "RIDEZ XX HELMET"!

The birth of a modern neo-classic full face with a NEW & OLD atmosphere. It is a full face that maintains comfort and allows you to continue running stably even when driving in the harsh wilderness. Designed to match any motorcycle from current to old, cafe racer, American to naked.

The shield is a characteristic of the X series.
Its unique form forms beautiful lines that overwhelm the viewer.
Although the design is simple, the large shield provides a wide field of view and allows you to concentrate on the ride comfortably even when touring. We are particular about the movement of the shield, and when you move it, you will feel a click and it will stop firmly where you want it to stop, allowing you to maintain that angle.
When the seal is closed, it is designed to fit perfectly, reducing the sound of a cold blowing.

One of the features of the X helmet is ventilation. The X series has a streamlined shape that protrudes forward to create more space around the mouth than regular helmets. We have developed a helmet that reduces the feeling of pressure from the mouth to the chin, and has ventilation placed on both the left and right sides to let in air and provide comfort even on long rides.

■Color: WHITE
■Size: M (57-58cm), L (less than 59-60cm)

■Weight: 1,250g (±50)

■Opening/closing shield standard: CLEAR
■Chin strap one-touch buckle ■Interior: Diamond quilted liner
■SG standard/all displacements available ■Shield 99% UV protection

■3 colors, 2 sizes


*The shield is shared between "XX Helmet" and "X Helmet".

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