RIDEZ LEATHER BELT Genuine leather belt Brown CB-114
RIDEZ LEATHER BELT Genuine leather belt Brown CB-114


RIDEZ LEATHER BELT Genuine leather belt Brown CB-114

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A new form of RIDEZ. Leather belt is now on sale.
Made of durable genuine leather, it is designed to last for many years.
We are particular about the color of the leather, and with long use, you can enjoy the change in color as it becomes more wrinkled and shiny. We have collected a variety of designs, from simple designs to unique punched designs. Recommended as an accent to your motorcycle style coordination or as an item for everyday use.

Genuine Leather
Many of the riders' products, such as gloves, are made of genuine leather. The reason for this is that it has excellent durability and is easy to process, so it is also used in parts that undergo heavy wear such as bags, wallets, and shoes. When creating this belt, we focused on using genuine leather to create a product that can be used for many years.

Buckle A buckle is called a buckle "bijou" in Japanese. A metal fitting that is attached to the top of a leather belt, etc. Many of Rise's belts use pin-type buckles. It can be used with everything from motorcycle style to casual and formal clothing without interfering with your coordination. It is highly durable and unbreakable.

Model No.:CB-114
JAN CODE:4527625115842

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