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Knuckle Head(ナックルヘッド)


¥16,500 JPY

The series of ""KNUCKLE HEAD HELMET"" has been a long-seller and is produced in collaboration with The American Casual Brand YAMAYA Industry in Yokohama. The open/close bubble shield is newly attached to this Knuckle Head 2. ■Has slits for glasses ■Cheek pads removable ■Size: less than 57-60cm ■SG STANDARD ■Standard Shield : CLEAR ■SHIELD 99% UV CUT ■Compatible shield : BB2 Shield designed for RIDEZ HELMET JB ■Option : VANCH VH&JB screws (2pcs) -PLEASE PURCHASE ""BB2 SHIELD"" FOR REPLACEMENT. (“3-point fastening shields” such as BALOOOOON shield, RAM II shield, Final Bubble shield, etc. CAN NOT BE INSTALLED.) -PLEASE NOTE that the shield position and the design can be changed slightly. Thank you for your understanding. JAN CODE BLACK:4527625092679