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Knuckle Head(ナックルヘッド)


¥16,500 JPY

The series of ""KNUCKLE HEAD HELMET"" has been a long-seller and is produced in collaboration with The American Casual Brand YAMAYA Industry in Yokohama. The open/close bubble shield is newly attached to this Knuckle Head 2. This helmet features the big logo ""KNUCKLE"" in the center and the print of the french bull dog. You can enjoy the taste of American casual! ■Has slits for glasses ■Cheek pads removable ■Size: less than 57-60cm ■SG STANDARD ■Standard Shield : CLEAR ■SHIELD 99% UV CUT ■Compatible shield : BB2 Shield designated for RIDEZ HELMET JB ■option : VANCH VH&JB screws (2pcs) -PLEASE PURCHASE ""BB2 SHIELD"" FOR REPLACEMENT. (“3-point fastening shields” such as BALOOOOON shield, RAM II shield, Final Bubble shield, etc. CAN NOT BE INSTALLED.) -PLEASE NOTE that the shield position and the design can be changed slightly. Thank you for your understanding. JAN CODE WHITE/BLACK:4527625092570 BLACK/WHITE:4527625092563