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DEF Wireless Charge & One-Touch Holder BIG DEF-MS3

¥4,939 JPY

YATTAH BIKE MOUNT Wireless Charge & One-Touch Holder BIG can be attached to motorcycles and bicycles.

Compatible handlebar size is 22.2mm, 25.4mm and 33mm. It’s also compatible with Quick Charge 3.0 so that you don’t have to hesitate to use apps that may drain your battery.

Please connect the wiring to a motorbike’s battery or portable batteries.

It is equipped with an On/Off switch that enables you to turn the wireless charge on/off and USB charge on. It comes with “Mirror Joint Bar” that enables you to install into a mirror bar.



<How to install>

1) Please attach the mount to a handlebar and fasten it with a hex key. You can fill the gap with a spacer ring.

2) Place the catcher at the top of the mount.

3) Fit the holder into the mount and tighten the joint catcher.

4) Connect the power cable to a battery.

-NOTES about the connection of the power cable

Please connect the red cable to PLUS and black cable to MINUS. The on/off switch will prevent the battery from running out even if you get power from the motorbike’s battery directly.

Please remember to bundle cables together using zip ties to have a safety ride.





■1 x Smartphone holder with wireless charger

■1 x Mount with ball joint

■1 x Mirror joint bar

■1 x Plastic spacer ring

■1 x Hex key

■1 x Extra fuse

■2 x Zip tie


Certifications:IP66, CE, RoHS

Power switch:Wireless ON, OFF, USB Charger ON

Cable:1.5m long and comes with fuse holder, spade terminal

Input Voltage:12V-24V

Output Power:Wireless/ 15W、USB/ 18W


Model No:DEF-MS3

JAN CODE:4527625110854