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DEF NAVI Dashcam & Waterproof tablet DEF-NV1

¥32,890 JPY

RIDEZ’s brand “Definitive Supplies” has released a Dashcam & Waterproof tablet.

Dashcam is must-have item for car drivers and motorcyclists. It records the moment of an accident which works as an evidence.

We have adopted 1 front camera which is able to record a head-on collision and a single accident that are most common accidents. 1 camera offers easy installation.

The video file is overwritten every time. When an accident occurs, the built-in G sensor works and prevents the video from overwritten. The video will be stored in the another memory.

DEF NAVI as its name implies comes with a portable GPS navigation tablet which rates IPX7!!

IPX7 implies that the item can be fully submerged into 1-meter deep water for up to 30 minutes and still be able to work properly after that. It doesn’t matter if you soak your phone in the water to a certain extent. Water doesn’t permeate the DEF NAVI while riding in the rain. You may feel anxiety of dropping your smartphone or letting it wet if you use your phone as a navigation. The DEF NAVI will definitely get rid of these anxieties.

The Android OS is built in the tablet. Connecting to the Internet with Wi-Fi or tethering, you can enjoy the music or car navigation. You can use it as you use your smartphone. The Google Play is built in as well. You can install your favorite apps and arrange the contents as you like.

For motorbikes, the mount can be installed at the handlebar. It is compatible with a taper bar that measures 22mm – 33mm in diameter. It’s equipped with a swivel joint that’s easy to rotate.

Please use a bracket with a sucker for car mount. It is installed on a flat surface such as a dash board or a windshield.

<How to get power supply>

The cable with red and black end is used to get power supply for motorbike. Please connect these cables to a motorbike’s battery or a portable charger.

For a car power supply, Please connect the cable to a cigar light socket which is very easy to install.


■GPS navigation

■Battery Charger

■Mount and cradle

■Mini USB cable

■User’s Manual

■Bracket for car mount

■Battery charger for car

■Front camera

Model No:DEF-NV1

JAN CODE:4527625110748