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¥60,500 JPY

We adopt no other tanning agent but a vegetable tannin to produce this leather jacket because the vegetable tanning maximizes and brings out the original texture of a natural material. But this technique requires a lot of steps and time. Its production efficiency is not good compared with a chrome tanning. However, no other method is able to bring out the leather’s soft and natural texture but the full-vegetable tanning is able to do it. There are many leather factories around the world but we have only a limited number of factories which are able to produce a full-vegetable tanning leather.

There is a reason that we adopt this full-vegetable tanning leather. It is because we want the wearer to enjoy the leather. We had been expanding our product line with focus on a light and a soft weathered sheep leather so far. The worn-out texture of those items was made by adding an artificial damage. On the contrary, the full-vegetable tanning makes the most of a leather’s natural texture. The leather has natural grain on the surface and the best part is that the leather gets more lustrous as you use. Furthermore, it has wrinkles and strings on the surface just like humans and also has scars made by getting hurt naturally. These marks are the proof that they were alive and create characteristic leathers. We definitely want you to enjoy the each leather’s originality which is our new product line “THE BLACK FLAG”.

Precautions for the full-vegetable tanning leather

■Please refrain from wearing the leather on rainy days. When the leather gets wet, it causes swelling and mold so please wipe off the wetness as soon as possible. We recommend applying a water shield spray after the purchase.

■The leather is easy to make a dent and scratch. Shallow scratches may become less noticeable by rubbing it over the years. But generally the scratches can not be erased. Please be careful. 

■In order to maximize the texture of the material, we don't apply a scratch-resistant coating. A leather sometimes may have a slight scratch and polished part during a storage and a manufacturing process. But most of them get less noticeable as they’re used. 

■As the leather is dyed manually, there may be a color difference and an uneven coloring depending on the products. We hope you will enjoy the natural leather changing its texture over the years.

Thank you for you understanding.

Color : BLACK

Model No : BFJ02