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RIDEZ Eyewear RS16018 JAY

$23.00 USD

RIDEZ PROTECTION EYEWEAR!! We have various types of frames compatible with your face width, curves and the size of your eyes. We also have a plentiful selection of lens colors that goes well with various purposes. The lightweight and sporty frame has a inner foam pad. ■99% UV protection lens YELLOW LENS As a yellow lens has high VLT, it enhances contrast of colors and depth perception. It is great for early morning, night, evening, overcast and rainy conditions. Especially on rainy days, the wet road reflects and the visibility gets low. The yellow lens ensures the wearer clear and sharp visibility in such conditions. ■VLT=Visible Light Transmittance Model No:RS16018 JAN CODE YELLOW/ YELLOW VLT 88%:4527625102453 SMOKE/ SMOKE VLT 15%:4527625102439 CLEAR/ CLEAR VLT 85%:4527625102446