MUC-OFF Anti-Fog Treatment 32ml
MUC-OFF Anti-Fog Treatment 32ml
MUC-OFF Anti-Fog Treatment 32ml


MUC-OFF Anti-Fog Treatment 32ml

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Capacity: 32ml

The strongest anti-fog effect! !

Mac Off Anti-Fog Treatment thoroughly removes fog immediately after application and maintains good visibility.
Compatible with polycarbonate (plastic) materials other than glass materials such as helmet shields, goggles, glasses, sunglasses, and ski goggles!
And the effect can last up to 5 days.

Easy to use! First, clean the inside of the lens with a tissue dampened with water. Next, spray this product on the inside of the lens.

Finally, wipe it off with a new tissue and you're done.

Please be careful not to touch the applied area with your hands or get it wet as the effect will be lost.

The cloudy weather that was worrying me until now will clear up! ! In fact, it is not limited to the usages listed above. When you stop your motorcycle on a rainy day, the windshield will fog up due to steam from the radiator. Apply this product to the inside of your windshield to prevent fogging!

You can use our products safely and with confidence. If you want to remove the effect, wash it with water or use a tissue soaked with water.

Please try the strongest anti-fog product! !

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